Nationwide Auto Carriers Inc. Terrible Company

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This company was TERRIBLE!I booked my car to be picked up a MONTH in advance.

When the truck was supposed to show up I called to confirm and my rep Phil said it wasn't coming! He never called and told me this I had to call him. He said he was working very hard and would call me back. TWO days later I called him.

He didn't answer and wouldn't return my messages. A WEEK after the truck was supposed to be here we finally got a hold of him, and not because he called us, still no truck. When we continued to call back another person answered and said they were now taking over for Phil. He said there was a truck coming that day and said he would get a time and call us back......

GUESS WHAT?! NO CALL BACK. I finally had it and wanted to speak to a manager, after her not answering her phone 4 times I got a hold of her the 5th time, her name is Krystal. And by far the most unprofessional manager I have ever encountered.

I was explaining my situation and she HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!! Never called me back. I called back and finally got a hold of Michelle, the dispatcher. She is the only thing holding this god awful company together.

After transferring me several of times she asked what I needed, I explained my situation to her and she did her best to help me, and I thank her for that. Still no resolve for our un picked up car. I finally went with another company who will have my car picked up by the end of the week. A to Z Auto, I highly recommend them and Berry my new rep.

DO NOT USE NATIONWIDE AUTO CARRIERS!!!!I can't stress that enough.

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